Our beginnings

Afghan Hounds are unique, with qualities elusive, ones that attract many people to them - the beautiful springy movement, high head carriage, unusual coat pattern and that haughty expression - the almost "human" expression and demeanour. We were attracted !

Ros became an Afghan owner in 1973, after a long interest in the breed which started way back in the early 60's. This was well before the breed became so popular and preceded the population explosion in the breed in the 1970's. There have been many changes that have occurred in the breed since then, many for the better and some not so good. The Afghans of today are far more personable than the ones that were around in the beginning and are much easier to assimilate into family and domestic situations.

Our second breed, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers, are a perfect foil for the Afghans - busy, active, people orientated and much more "in your face". You always know that they are there.

Peter has been a Gundog man for many years and with our introduction of this breed, he has stayed true to his beginnings.

And it is with all that experience of the past and a family association as breeders of Dachshunds, that Ros embarked on the road to becoming an "Afghan breeder" in 1977. Since that time, there have been many AVIVA champions, many of which are Best in Show winners and winners at some of the country's biggest dog shows. There have been dogs exported to several countries, where they have become successful show dogs and have contributed to breeding better Afghans in their new countries.

All our dogs are X-rayed clear from HIP DYSPLASIA and eyes are certified clear of eye defects. The Tollers also have Heart Clearance Certification. Certificates from qualified specialists are available for perusal. Please take a stroll through our pages and see where we have travelled since 1977 and see where we are today. Enjoy !
Ros and Peter Bacich
Aviva Afghan Hounds & Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers
Established 1977